Stapleton Roy, Director of the Kissinger Institute, presented the Woodrow Wilson Awards to Chief Justice Andrew Li, for Public Service, and to Dr. Victor Fung, Chairman of Li and Fung Group, for Corporate Citizenship, at a gala dinner for 300 guests at the Hong Kong Conrad Hotel on March 13, 2010. Sir Gordon Wu, Chairman of Hopewell Holdings, chaired the event, and former Hong Kong Chief Executive Mr. C. H. Tung attended. Henry A. Kissinger was scheduled to be present, but last-minute illness prevented him from reaching Hong Kong. In addition to introducing the Woodrow Wilson Awards and the accomplishments of the Awardees, Mr. Roy presented a brief account of recent Institute symposia and speakers in both China and the United States. He also put the recent tensions in U.S.-China relations in the broader context of extensive shared interests and a history of successfully addressing inevitable strains. A short video presented the Woodrow Wilson Center's commitment to impartial examination of national and global issues, its range of programs, and the many prominent individuals who participate in its varied activities.