Bruce Heyman, a longtime Obama fundraiser and Chicago-based partner at the investment firm Goldman Sachs, is to become the next U.S. ambassador to Canada.

Paul Frazer, a Washington consultant and former Canadian ambassador, said Heyman appears at first glance to “fit solidly into the pattern of the Obama administration drawing regularly from its deep pool of supporters in Chicago.

“The president has done very well by folks from Chicago. It’s a team he trusts and uses to often, and not just in these kinds of positions,” said Frazer.

“And for Canada, a sophisticated individual heading to Ottawa from Chicago can be big plus. Chicago is other anchor on the Great Lakes — so much Canadian energy flows through or near the city, with so many Canadian companies active there, the level of awareness of trade relations is certain to be very good.

“His job in Ottawa will be to represent his own country’s interests. But starting out with a strong awareness of Canada is always promising.”

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