WASHINGTON-On November 10, Director Stapleton Roy led a closed briefing for a distinguished 23-member Chinese delegation sponsored by the San Francisco-based US-China Exchange Council.

Director Roy was joined by two Center scholars, Kent Hughes, Director of the Program on America the Global Economy, and Don Wolfensberger, Director of the Congress Project. In the discussion which followed introductions to the US national policy process from the executive and legislative branch perspectives, delegation members raised a number of questions: How did the executive and legislative branches cooperate on the stimulus bill? Why do many Americans seem to fear China's economic power when China's per capita GDP is only 1/50 that of the U.S.? Does Congress impose a limit on the U.S. budget deficit? Is there a trend toward combining government departments into "super departments," as in China? How do policy "czars" coordinate the actions of various relevant departments and agencies?

Delegation members came from all parts of China, representing overseas friendship associations, provincial assemblies, municipal offices, and other organizations.