Latinvex: How would you describe Latin America's overall political outlook in 2014?

Arnson: It’s very difficult to talk about an overall regional trend, given the diversity of countries and sub-regions in the hemisphere.  In several countries with national elections, there will be continuity in terms of the party or person in power (for example, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Brazil), with potential changes in El Salvador.  Ruptures such as what took place in Honduras in 2009 are unlikely anywhere, even in the face of deep political divisions.  Overall, central problems of governance such as citizen insecurity and institutional weakness will remain unchanged. 

In this interview with Latinvex, Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson, along with two other leading experts, comments on the overall political outlook in Latin America in 2014. The interview includes discussion of potentional regime changes, unrest, and re-elections, as well as what this means for the particular countries in question and the region as a whole. 

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