Latin American Program in the News: Is World's Most Powerful Drug Kingpin Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán Hiding in Honduras?

Dolia Estevez, Forbes

Nov 22, 2013


Eric Olson, an expert on the Mexican cartels and Central America at the Woodrow Wilson Center, said that “it’s certainly possible that El Chapo is in Honduras. Borders are porous, law enforcement weak, and criminal networks control both territories and parts of the government including municipalities and sectors of federal law enforcement.”

That said, Olson told me by email, “I have no specific information that he is in Honduras.” He said that the last information he saw from a court case in Chicago involving the son of one of Guzmán’s top lieutenants, “is that El Chapo is still in his mountaintop hideout in Mexico.”

Olson observed that the DEA has much more freedom to operate and maneuver in Honduras than in Mexico. But, he cautioned, “this does not mean that DEA does not have an important presence in Mexico, it simply means it has more latitude in Honduras. Does this mean that the DEA would know if he is in Honduras? Maybe, but it’s not a guarantee.”


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