The Wilson Center's North Korea International Documentation Project and Asia Program in cooperation with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies and the University of North Korean Studies hosted the first annual IFES/UNKS Washington Forum on January 29, 2010.

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Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula featured senior South Korean, Chinese, and U.S. policymakers and academics and explored the most pressing international issues affecting peace and security on the Korean peninsula and their deep historical roots. Panels discussed the historic and current role of stakeholder nations in influencing North Korean policy, limits to China's influence over the DPRK, and patterns in U.S.-ROK policy coordination on North Korea.

A full transcript of the opening remarks by Lee H. Hamilton, President and Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center and Park Jae Kyu, President of Kyungnam University and the Keynote Address by Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg can be downloaded here:

Download the transcript of Deputy Secretary Steinberg's Keynote Address.

A full transcript of all three panels will soon be available for download here:

Session I: Resolution of North Korea's Nuclear Issue and Beyond: the Role of Stakeholder Nations

Session II: The China Factor: PRC-DPRK Relations

Session III: U.S.-ROK Coordination on North Korea