On Monday, October 23 and Tuesday, October 24, 2006, a few days before provincial elections and the second round of the presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Initiative pour un Leadership Collaboratif et la Cohésion de l'Etat (ILCCE) convened a workshop in Goma which brought together the key players in the North and South Kivu provinces. This brainstorming session was designed as a forum for the exchange of ideas, commitments, and recommendations regarding the challenges of the post-election environment in the Kivu provinces and at the national level. Workshop participants, the majority of whom had attended previous workshops in Goma or Bukavu, represented the broad range of political and social groups that can be found in the Kivu provinces. There was a particular emphasis on participation from the North Kivu communities. This workshop was the first to propose a common approach to solving the problem of the two Kivu provinces.

In light of the upcoming elections, discussions focused on lessons learned during the first round of voting, the second-round campaigns, and the future steps necessary to build a unified and cohesive Congolese state. Against the backdrop of the challenging electoral environment and the need to address the inevitable competition, polarization, and high expectations that characterize an attempt to implement a democratic answer to a complex and bloody conflict, participants chose to focus on four key issues: the problems of North Kivu, the problems of South Kivu, cross-provincial issues, and problems of the central government in its relations to the provinces (and their assemblies).

After an in-depth exploration of the subject of state failure and mechanisms to prevent such failure, the participants decided to issue a Call for Civic Responsibility aimed at the central leadership of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This call, published in "Le Potentiel" on the eve of the October 29, 2006 elections, can be downloaded by following the links below.

-- Call for Civic Responsibility (English version)

-- French version:
Appel à la Responsabilité Civique (1/2)
Appel à la Responsabilité Civique (2/2)