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Eleonore Pauwels was selected from among a group of twenty-four innovative minds in the field of international science policy to be interviewed by two Silicon Valley investors regarding her expertise on AI and Genomics. The interview constitutes a chapter in the recently published book, What's Your Bio Strategy?: How to Prepare Your Business for the Age of Synthetic Biology.

Interview excerpts:

“Biology is moving in the same direction as IT. Genomics data will face the same data security challenges as information technologies. It’s easy to imagine biotech tools becoming enabling technologies the same way systems did in IT.”

“The analogies between the two fields are interesting but it becomes even more interesting when you start using DNA to store data. Large parts of society are not ready for this. Some people will understand the value of cybersecurity, genomics and AI. They will know how to derive value in different ways. The problem is you can still have weak points that could be entries for attacks. Threats can come from anywhere.”

“Imagine the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes the Bio Internet of Things. To take it a step further, you’re using living sensors and storing data with DNA. You use genomic sequencing for tracking and biology becomes pervasive in the way the IOT is predicted to be. How do you organize a governance system for that?”

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Eleonore Pauwels

Eleonore Pauwels

Former Global Fellow in the Science and Technology Innovation Program;
Formerly European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Technological Development, Directorate on Science, Economy and Society
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