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Episode 5 – René Cordero

In our latest episode, we explore the archives of the Dominican Republic and Latin American Cold War history with René Cordero of Brown University. René explains his work with the Dominican section of Opening the Archives project, and tells of a personal connection he discovered while conducting research in Santo Domingo.

You can also read René's blog post, The Latin American Archive: From State Repression to Political Redemption.

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History and Public Policy Program

The History and Public Policy Program strives to make public the primary source record of 20th and 21st century international history from repositories around the world, to facilitate scholarship based on those records, and to use these materials to provide context for classroom, public, and policy debates on global affairs.  Read more

Cold War International History Project

The Cold War International History Project supports the full and prompt release of historical materials by governments on all sides of the Cold War. Through an award winning Digital Archive, the Project allows scholars, journalists, students, and the interested public to reassess the Cold War and its many contemporary legacies. It is part of the Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program.  Read more