In this engaging, clever, and provocative account, Attila Marján offers a disquieting analysis of the complex challenges that Europe faces in the global marketplace.

Marján, an expert at the center of the European project, surveys global trends, common pressures, and the organizational difficulties of the European Union (EU). In his view, Europe is failing to meet growing and changing global economic competition and will continue to lag behind other world powers because of population trends, energy insecurity, and the institutional disorder of the EU. Marján finds that in order to compete in the global market, Europe will have to adopt much more flexible economic and social models.

Attila Marján has worked as a European Union diplomat and European Commission official for more than a decade. He has authored six books, including a Hungarian-language edition of Europe’s Destiny. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in May 2008.


André Sapir

1. Overview: An Old Lady in the Mirror

2. Global Problems: The External Layer

3. Pan-European Problems: The Intermediate Layer

4. The European Union’s Deficiencies: The Internal Layer

5. Europe 2050


“Presenting a highly readable and thoughtful account, Attila Marján treats specialized European topics but in an accessible way that is connected to major global trends. With its broad approach and lively prose, this book will be a welcome contribution to the ongoing debate between Euro-skeptics and Euro-enthusiasts.”—Robert Hutchings, Princeton University

“An insightful, accessible examination…. Highly recommended.”—Choice