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Globalization and America's Trade Agreements

Globalization and America's Trade Agreements by William Krist


Woodrow Wilson Center Press with Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013


Globalization and America's Trade Agreements by William Krist




Globalization and America’s Trade Agreements is a valuable guide for newcomers to trade policy and a challenging critique of trade policy for those already knowledgeable. In this book, William Krist reviews the impact of the United States’ complex trade agreements of the past 25 years and examines the issues in recent rounds of GATT/WTO negotiations and numerous free trade agreements. He describes agreements’ frameworks and historical contexts, economists’ approaches to agreements, and the effect of historical trade experiences on economic theory. Krist also assesses trade deals’ impact on the U.S. economy and on the economies of developing countries, and he reviews the roles of foreign policy, environmental concerns, and labor issues.

Trade has been an essential driver of global growth. Krist shows how trade policy has contributed to that growth and outlines what must be done to ensure that it can continue to promote our national objectives.

Wiliam Krist is a senior scholar at the Wilson Center. During his career, he was an Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, a legislative assistant for both a congressman and a senator, and an advocate for the high-tech industry.

William Krist discussed his perspective on America’s trade agreements on Wilson Center NOW on March 17, 2014. Visit his blog America’s Trade Policy for more news, analysis, and commentary on America’s past, present, and future trade negotiations.

About the Author

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William Krist

Asia Fellow;
Former Senior Vice-President, American Electronics Association, Washington, DC
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