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Class note

Jack Goldstone, Class of 2014 - 2015

The Wilson Center is pleased to announce that Jack Goldstone was named a 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellows Recipient.  Dr. Goldstone was a 2014-2015 Fellow with the Global Risk and Resilience Program.

His research focuses on global population trends and their effect on economic growth, inequality, and democracy. Dr. Goldstone has worked with U.S. government and international organizations on these issues, leading a National Academy of Sciences study of U.S. assistance to support democracies and advising the World Bank and the U.S. State and Defense departments. Jack A. Goldstone is a Hazel Professor of Public Policy and a Fellow of the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. He is the author of Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World (winner of the 1993 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award of the American Sociological Association), editor of Political Demography, and has authored or edited ten additional books and over 140 book chapters and journal articles on various aspects of population, political conflict and social change.