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Ukraine in Europe

Focus on Ukraine's future in Europe, from the EU to NATO
Ukraine flag

Ukraine’s future is in Europe and the West. As we look towards cementing Ukraine’s place in the Euro-Atlantic structures, it raises a number of key questions about the future. What will Ukraine bring to Europe’s security structures? How will transatlantic institutions change to bring Ukraine in? What is the timeline for Ukraine’s EU accession? How will Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and the Western Balkans change the EU? What is the future of Europe’s security architecture and what will that architecture look like 30 years from now? How will US and Europe continue to support Ukraine? This initiative draws on the Wilson Center's vast expertise to provide scholarship-driven analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Ukraine’s future in Europe.

Exploring Ukraine's future in...

Ukrainian and the EU flag
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Ukraine in Europe

With the launch of the new Ukraine in Europe initiative, the video breaks down the major milestones showcasing Ukraine’s aspiration towards its future in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

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