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"Honor killings" claim the lives of 5,000 women every year in many traditional societies around the world, as well as in migrant communities in Europe and the United States. Such killings are often carried out by the victims' relatives to "cleanse" the family's honor following a perceived violation

Murder in the Name of Honor breaks the silence surrounding this crime with personal stories from both high-profile and still-untold cases. It describes the author's battle to change outdated laws and expose governments that turn a blind eye to the murder of thousands of women.

Rana Husseini is one of the world's most influential investigative journalists. Her reporting with The Jordan Times has put violence against women on the global agenda. She has received several awards for her work, including a medal from Jordan's King Abdullah II in 2007 for reporting on honor crimes.

In addition to her extensive journalism experience, Husseini has consulted on and advocated for women's rights in the Middle East and Jordan with local NGOs and international organizations. She has served as special advisor to Freedom House on women's issues and press freedom in Jordan. She also worked as a regional coordinator for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) campaign to eliminate violence against women in five Arab countries.