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This first comprehensive, archivally grounded assessment of the Reagan presidency offers balanced "second generation" evaluations of the ideas and policies that made up the so-called Reagan Revolution. Drawing on recently opened records, seventeen scholars from history, political science, and economics focus on important areas of national policy during the Reagan administration.

Hugh Heclo, Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Public Affairs,
George Mason University
Samuel F. Wells, Jr.,
Associate Director,
Woodrow Wilson Center
W. Elliot Brownlee,
Professor of History Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara
Otis Graham,
Professor of History Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

"Constituting the best single volume on the Reagan presidency, these balanced and well-researched essays take Reagan-both the ideologue and the pragmatic politician-with the seriousness he deserves. Together they herald a new generation of Reagan scholarship."--Allen J. Matusow, author of
The Unraveling of America

"With this book, historical assessment of the Reagan presidency comes of age."--Bruce J. Schulman, author of The Seventies

"A superb collection, thought-provoking, wide-ranging, and significant."--Gil Troy, author of Mr. and Mrs. President: From the Trumans to the Clintons

"A must for historians grappling with Reagan's legacy."--Jules Tygiel, author of Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of Conservatism