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Building a New Police in Honduras

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Building a New Police in Honduras: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by the Police Purge and Reform Commission


After nearly 15 months of work and 5,000 police suspended or removed from the force, the Special Commission to Purge and Reform the Honduran Police is nearing the end of its mandate.  Along the way, the Commission has faced serious challenges and made significant progress in ridding the force of corrupt leaders and officers.  Legislative reforms to reorganize and strengthen the police are in their infancy.

We hosted a discussion with members of the Honduran Police Purge and Reform Commission and an independent journalist to learn more about the extent and impact of their work.

Note: This event was held in Spanish.



  • Eric L. Olson

    Global Fellow
    Director of the Central America-D.C. Platform, Seattle International Foundation


  • Julián Pacheco Tinoco

    Minister of Security, Honduras
  • Omar Rivera

    Coordinator of Advocacy, Alliance for Peace and Justice in Honduras
  • Vilma Morales

    Former President, Supreme Court of Honduras
  • Alberto Solórzano

    General Pastor of the International Christian Center Church in Honduras
  • Carlos Hernández

    Executive Secretary, Association for a More Just Society (Chapter of Transparency International in Honduras)
  • Nathalie Alvarado

    Head of the Citizen Security Team, Inter-American Development Bank