Citizen Security from the Ground-Up: Improving Practice at the Local Level | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Citizen Security from the Ground-Up: Improving Practice at the Local Level

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Improving citizen security remains a critical challenge throughout Latin America. Responses vary greatly between and also within countries—often down to the neighborhood level. With crime often concentrated in urban areas and neighborhood hotspots, local governments have emerged as sources of policy innovation in the fight against crime and violence.  What are these approaches and are there elements that are replicable in other cities, regions, or nations as a whole? Citizen security practitioners from Antioquia, Colombia; Salta, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile will discuss the strategies they have employed, as well as the successes and ongoing challenges they face. Wilson Center Global Fellow Carlos Basombrio will present a summary of ten key lessons for improving citizen security at the municipal level in Latin America.

*Please note that this event will be held in Spanish with no interpretation.



Cynthia Arnson
Director, Latin American Program

Christian Asinelli
Director, Institutional Development, Latin American Development Bank (CAF)


Carlos Basombrío
Wilson Center Global Fellow

Santiago Londoño
Secretary of Government, Antioquia, Colombia

Alejandro Cornejo D’Andrea
Minister of Security, Province of Salta, Argentina

Germán Codina
Mayor, Comuna of Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile


Ana María Sanjuán
Latin American Development Bank (CAF)


Eric Olson
Associate Director, Latin American Program