The Africa Program is pleased to join the Open Society Institute in presenting a briefing with Zimbabwean civil society and opposition leaders. Panelists include a human rights lawyer, an NGO leader and an MDC representative, two of whom were brutally assaulted by police on March 11th. Panelists will provide a first hand account of the escalating crackdown by police and security agents of the ZANU-PF government involving the abduction, detention and torture of grass roots activists across the country. At least 600 people are estimated to have 'disappeared'. In addition to the recent waves of repression, the ZANU-PF government is accused of attempting to undermine opposition support ahead of 2008 polls. Panelists will also provide an assessment of the conditions facing international organizations working in Zimbabwe.

Otto Saki, Acting Director of the non-profit organization Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

Grace Kwinjeh, Deputy Secretary for International Relations for the Movement for Democratic Change, the Zimbabwean opposition party led by Morgan Tsvangirai

Lovemore Madhuku, Chair of the National Constitutional Assembly and a constitutional law expert and lecturer on law at the University of Zimbabwe

Akwe Amosu, Senior Africa Policy Analyst, Open Society Institute

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The Woodrow Wilson Center in the Ronald Reagan Building
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