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Ground Truth Briefing: Germany Decides

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The German elections are a pivotal moment for Europe and the world economy. It seems likely that Angela Merkel will be re-elected but by what margin? And what negotiations will follow? Will the election provide the decisive result that would reassure world markets or a return to uncertainty? Our panel of experts will provide insights.

At this critical moment, the Wilson Center again brings a series of experts together to discuss events and examine how they might unfold.


  • Georg Mascolo

    Global Fellow
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Der Spiegel
  • Constanze Stelzenmueller

    Public Policy Scholar
    Senior Transatlantic Fellow and Director, Transatlantic Trends, German Marshall Fund, Berlin; Robert Bosch Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
  • Stefan Kornelius

    International Section Head, Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Christian F. Ostermann

    Director, History and Public Policy Program; Cold War International History Project; North Korea Documentation Project; Nuclear Proliferation International History Project
    Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Jane Harman

    Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center