The Cold War International History Project is pleased to host a reception to mark the publication of The Encyclopedia of the Cold War.

The Encyclopedia of the Cold War (Routledge, May 2008) is a landmark publication which reflects advances in Cold War studies following the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of archives around the world previously inaccessible to scholars. Edited by outstanding Cold War scholars Ruud van Dijk, William Glenn Gray, Svetlana Savranskaya, Jeremi Suri, and Qiang Zhai, it takes a uniquely international and multidisciplinary approach to Cold War history. The encyclopedia draws upon sources and perspectives from around the world, touching upon all aspects of the conflict and highlighting its wide-ranging and lasting impact on international relations and everyday life. The encyclopedia's two volumes, written by an international cast of scholars, explore the worldwide political, military, and economic evolution of the conflict, along with its cultural, scientific, technological, and social dimensions. Taken together, they form a full and comprehensive study of the international environment that shaped—and was shaped by—the Cold War.

Members of the editorial team will provide an introduction to the encyclopedia's content, and will describe many of the new trends in Cold War historiography that are reflected in the nearly 430 essays that comprise the two volume set.

The Encyclopedia of the Cold War will be available for purchase at a discount and several CWIHP publications will be available for all attendees during the reception.