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Mexico's Future

This event brought together a diverse group of experts to discuss Mexico's political and economic future.

Date & Time

Jun. 9, 2011
12:00pm – 5:30pm ET


The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute was privileged to host a diverse group of leading experts on Mexico for this unique discussion centered on the question of Mexico's political and economic future.

This discussion featured leading experts such as Luis Rubio and Carlos Heredia  of Mexico’s CIDE; Enrique Krauze  of Letras Libres; Fernando Solís-Cámara of Gruma & Banorte; José Antonio Fernández Carbajal  of FEMSA; Rafael Fernández de Castro  of Mexico’s ITAM;  Roger W. Wallace of Pioneer Natural Resources; Sergio Aguayo  of the Colegio de Mexico; and Silvia Nuñez of CISAN and the UNAM.


Hosted By

Mexico Institute

The Mexico Institute seeks to improve understanding, communication, and cooperation between Mexico and the United States by promoting original research, encouraging public discussion, and proposing policy options for enhancing the bilateral relationship. A binational Advisory Board, chaired by Luis Téllez and Earl Anthony Wayne, oversees the work of the Mexico Institute.   Read more

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