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The "Justice 2020" Initiative and the Rule of Law in Argentina

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The “Justice 2020” Initiative and the Rule of Law in Argentina:  A Conversation with Minister of Justice and Human Rights Germán Garavano and Secretary of Security Eugenio Burzaco 


In May 2016, Argentine President Mauricio Macri launched the “Justice 2020” initiative, promising bold reforms to Argentina’s troubled criminal justice system. The initiative aims to improve judicial independence, transparency, and efficiency, and address the corruption and politicization that have long compromised the rule of law in Argentina. “Justice 2020” envisions sweeping legislative changes and reforms to the entity that helps select and supervise judges.

We hosted a conversation with the Minister of Justice and Human Rights and the Secretary of Security to discuss progress and obstacles to implementing the “Justice 2020” initiative, and Argentina’s collaboration with the U.S. government and other international actors in this important reform process.

Note: This event was held in Spanish.




  • Cynthia J. Arnson

    Director, Latin American Program
  • Earl Anthony Wayne

    Public Policy Fellow; Advisory Board Co-Chair, Mexico Institute
    former Career Ambassador to Afghanistan, Argentina, and Mexico