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Towards a European Political Community

Date & Time

Sep. 29, 2022
10:00am – 11:00am ET


French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested creating a ‘European Political Community’ to foster cooperation between the EU and its neighbors. Some see this as a re-branding of the EU’s neighborhood policy, others have viewed it as an alternative to enlargement. In Prague on October 6, European leaders will discuss this new organization and unveil potential members.

The discussion of this initiative, with introductory remarks by French Ambassador to the United States, Philippe Etienne, and a short introduction from Wilson Center President & CEO, Ambassador Mark Green, was followed by a panel discussion led by Robin Quinville, Wilson Center's Global Europe Program Director, featuring Wilson Center Global Fellow Diana Negroponte and Ambassador Corrado Pirzio-Biroli.  

Select Quotes

Ambassador Étienne

  • “It is important to keep in mind that President Macron always sought to emphasize the importance of the European debate and the European agenda.”
  • We have made significant progress “despite, or maybe because of the many crises that Europe has undergone.”
  • “The idea of a stronger Europe is good news for the United States.”
  • “This European Community offers a new approach to European integration that indeed doesn’t just focus on accession to the EU. It is not an alternative to accession.”
  • “It is not a coincidence that the idea of creating a European Political Community came in the context of the Russian aggression.”

Ambassador Pirzio-Biroli

  • “I think that the European Political Community is a watered-down idea of the EPC as it was originally. But, it is visionary at the same time.”
  • “Macron wants with his vision that Europe becomes a world actor, and is able to defend its values and its law, and wants to make sure that further enlargements will not affect the EU’s decision-making capacity.”
  • “The EPC is not a precondition for accession negotiations. But it must serve to prepare current and future members to make the EU fit for future enlargement.”
  • “EU integration can do a lot to promote stability in the Western Balkans.”
  • “The EPC must somehow try to be different. For the EPC, security must be key.”
  • “Whatever Europe would do would be entirely complementary to NATO, and would reinforce it.”

Diana Negroponte

  • “This is the time to reinvent the European Project.”
  • "Flexibility so that “the soul of Europe can be maintained.”"
  • “The tactical advantage for the UK would be get in early and write the rules.”


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