U.S. Arms to Ukraine: Tilting the Balance? | Wilson Center

U.S. Arms to Ukraine: Tilting the Balance?

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The United States is now considering sending defensive weapons to help arm Ukrainian forces in their fight against pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The conflict has now taken more than 5,300 lives, roughly 2,000 of them since the September 5 ceasefire. What would be the outcome of changing policy and sending military assistance to Ukraine? Would such a step help Ukraine resist the aggression or further escalate the war? How would it change America’s role in the conflict?

Join us BY PHONE as four experts in the U.S and Ukraine analyze this potentially decisive moment in U.S and Russian relations.


  • Jane Harman

    Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center
  • Stephen Blank

    Senior Fellow for Russia, American Foreign Policy Council
  • Volodymyr Dubovyk

    Former Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholar
    Associate Professor, Department of International Relations and Director, Center for International Studies, I. Mechnikov National University in Odessa
  • Michael Kofman

    Global Fellow
    Senior Research Scientist at CNA Corporation
  • Matthew Rojansky

    Director, Kennan Institute
  • Leonid Polyakov

    Senior Advisor on Defense Issues, the "New Ukraine" Institute for Strategic Research