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Alex Long is a Program Associate for the Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) at the Wilson Center, focusing on STIP’s Innovation Initiatives. Alex has recently been elected as a Junior Policy Fellow with Cambridge University’s Centre for Science and Policy to research Global Health challenges and how the use of innovative technologies and data collection schemas, like citizen science, can contribute to pandemic prevention.   At the Wilson Center, Alex is a Project Manager of the Earth Challenge 2020 working on mobilizing the global public around six human and environmental health-focused research areas through citizen science. Aside from Earth Challenge, Alex assists with the environmental science and open data science programming STIP is pursuing -- all the while, finding ways to integrate ongoing research and policy with the One Health framework that addresses public health challenges by focusing on the human, animal, and environmental factors at play.

Alex received his MS in Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy from Georgetown University and his BS in Biology from the University of Richmond where he founded their first healthcare review magazine, Osmosis Magazine.


Alex Long

Alex Long

Senior Program Associate
COVID-19 should become a pivot point in these United States. A necessary pivot point, since all signs point towards the fact that this pandemic is not an anomaly but rather symptom of globalized society and its effects on the environment…But when it comes time to commiserate on the shared memory of COVID-19 and create stronger and more flexible structures for pandemic preparedness, we may find that there are divergent narratives running on geographic and partisan lines.