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Carlos de la Torre

Former Fellow


    September 1, 2008 — May 1, 2009

    Professional affiliation

    Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Andean Radical Populism: The Foe or the Essence of Democracy"

    Full Biography

    Carlos de la Torre is Professor of Sociology at the University of Kentucky and a former Wilson Center Fellow.  He is co-editor, with Cynthia Arnson, of Latin American Populism in the Twenty-First Century.


    B.A. (1983) Sociology, University of Florida, Gainesville; M.A. (1987) Sociology, New School for Social Research; Ph.D. (1993) Sociology, New School for Social Research



    Latin American populism; sociology of racism in Latin America

    Major Publications

    • The Ecuador Reader. Coedited with Stece Striffles. Duke University Press. Fall 2008.

    • Galo Plaza y su Época, coedited with Mireya Salgado. Quito FLACSO, 2008.

    • Afroquiteños: Ciudadanía y Racismo. Quito: CAAP, 2002.