Chandré Gould is a senior research fellow in the Justice and Violence Prevention Programme of the Institute for Security Studies and managing editor the journal South African Crime Quarterly. In 2015 she completed a multi-year life history study of violent offenders. The results were published in a book titled Beaten Bad: the life stories of violent offenders. In 2009 she edited a volume titled Criminal (In)Justice: A civil society perspective. Since 2008 she has been the CEO(voluntary) of a community-based organisation that works to prevent violence by providing after school care for children, youth development and parenting programmes. She is co-PI on a three-year study to assess the impact of delivering four evidence-based positive parenting programmes along with a social activation process in a disadvantaged community in South Africa. She convenes a national dialogue forum for government, academics and NGOs in a long-term process that in South Africa.

Project Summary

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals we need to realise the investment made in evaluating programs that prevent and reduce violence. However, few if any of the programmes that are found to be effective through randomized controlled trials are implemented post-evaluation, let alone at scale. To understand and address this implementation gap the ISS has established a Dialogue Forum for Evidence-Based Programmes to Prevent VAWC. Here the motivators and inhibitors to action in the three sectors are explored, strong relationships built and collaboration catalysed. This is critical for scale-up. This project will share lessons from the South African experience and learn from US experiences of scaling evidence-based primary prevention programmes.

Major Publications

C Gould, Beaten Bad: the lives of violent offenders, Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies, 2015.
C. Ward, C. Gould, J Kelly, K. Mauff, How parenting and children’s aggression and mental health are related: A case study of a rural South African town, South African Crime Quarterly 51, March 2015.
C Gould and B Rappert, Dis-eases of Secrecy: Tracing memory, history and justice, Johannesburg: Jacana media, 2017.