Falah Shakarm is a lawyer and currently the Iraqi Project Coordinator for WADI, an international NGO working for empowering civil society and human rights, where he manages projects about women and youth and campaign to stop female genital mutilation on an Iraq and Middle East level. In 2013 he wrote the first draft of law for combating FGM which was submitted to the Iraqi Parliaments. Falah serves as a board member of Human Rights Defenders and a network of 15 NGOs in the Iraqi Kurdistan region that works to promote human rights, legal assistance for women, and support for survivors of chemical weapons attacks.

Project Summary

The Law number 8 of violence against women was approved by the Kurdistan region parliament on June 21, 2011, criminalizes forced and child marriages, so called honor killing FGM , physical and psychological abuse of girls and women, child abuse, and child labor. Now, a confrontation over this new law seems to unfold. Mainly a group of conservative mullahs launched protests against it because they see the very pillars of Sharia - as they understand it – endangered. As some of them outline even publicly, wife and child beating, including FGM is a question of honor and religious prescriptions. This project focuses on offering basic steps towards the law implementation and since August 2011 there are many improvement with understanding the law and starting the first steps of its implementation.

Major Publications

Prison reform, Aso Goram

Women’s Rights newspaper