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Francisco Urdinez

Former Fellow

Professional affiliation

Associate Professor of Political Scence, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
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China-Latin American relations

China-US economic competition

Full Biography

Francisco Urdinez is a 2022-23 Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center and Associate Professor at the Political Science Institute of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, where he is affiliated with the Center of International Studies and the Center of Asian Studies. Francisco has testified to the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the American Congress on China-Latin American relations. Francisco has been a Fellow of the Chilean Fund for Scientific and Technological Development. Francisco received his PhD joint-degree from the University of São Paulo and King's College London in the field of International Relations. He is specialized in China-Latin American relations and China’s economic statecraft. His research and CV be found at

Major Publications

Campello, D., & Urdinez, F. (2021). Voter and legislator Responses to localized trade shocks from China in Brazil. Comparative Political Studies, 54(7), 1131-1162.

Long, T., & Urdinez, F. (2021). Status at the margins: why Paraguay recognizes Taiwan and Shuns China. Foreign Policy Analysis, 17(1), oraa002.

Knoerich, J., & Urdinez, F. (2019). Contesting contested multilateralism: Why the west joined the rest in founding the Asian infrastructure investment Bank. The Chinese Journal of International Politics, 12(3), 333-370.

Urdinez, F., Mouron, F., Schenoni, L. L., & de Oliveira, A. J. (2016). Chinese economic statecraft and US hegemony in Latin America: an empirical analysis, 2003–2014. Latin American Politics and Society, 58(4), 3-30.