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Gregg Brazinsky

Former Fellow


September 1, 2010 — May 1, 2011

Professional affiliation

Professor of History and International Affairs, The George Washington University

Wilson Center Projects

"The Eagle Against the Dragon: Sino-American Competition in the Third World during the Cold War"

Full Biography

Gregg A. Brazinsky is a professor of history and international affairs at The George Washington University and director of the Asian Studies Program in the Elliott School. Most recently, he is the author of Winning the Third World: Sino-American Rivalry during the Cold War (Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2017).  He is also the author of Nation Building in South Korea: Korean, Americans, and the Making of a Democracy (Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2007). He has written numerous journal articles and op-ed pieces. . Currently he is working on two new projects: one focuses on cultural and economic relations between China and North Korea from 1950 to the present and the other focuses on American nation building in Asia. He is the director of the George Washington University Cold War Group (