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Grigory Yudin

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Professor, Political Philosophy, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

Full Biography

Greg Yudin is a Professor of Political Philosophy at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

He studies political theory of democracy with the special emphasis on public opinion polls as a technology of representation and governance in contemporary politics. Among his other interests are political and economic anthropology and philosophy of human and social sciences. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Higher School of Economics. Currently he obtains a second PhD degree in Politics at The New School of Social Research in New York. His book Public Opinion: The Power of Numbers was published in Russian by The European University Press in 2020. He has also recently co-edited a special issue of the journal The Public on Russian public sphere.

He teaches political philosophy and social theory at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, and also contributes to major Russian media, such as Vedomosti and Republic.