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Hjalti Ómar Ágústsson

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Project Manager, Gender Equality in the Arctic Project, Phase III; Special Advisor, Directorate for Equality in Iceland

Full Biography

Hjalti Ómar Ágústsson is the project manager for the Gender Equality in the Arctic Project, Phase III and a Special Advisor at the Directorate for Equality in Iceland. He has an ML degree in law and a diploma in Polar Law from the University of Akureyri. Hjalti has been working on human rights issues since graduation in 2014 through teaching, as project manager and board member for Aflið – Counseling Centre for Sexual- and Domestic-abuse Survivors in Akureyri, and as a Child Protective Services Committee member before joining the Gender Equality in the Arctic Project and the Directorate for Equality. 

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