Katie Stallard-Blanchette is a writer and TV foreign correspondent with experience reporting from more than 20 countries, currently working on a book about the use of wartime history in contemporary China, Russia and North Korea. 

Previously based in Beijing as head of British television news channel Sky News' Asia Bureau, her work has taken her to Pyongyang and the DMZ, out into the disputed waters of the South China Sea, and to the front line of the battle for the southern Philippines city of Marawi, where she reported under sniper fire from ISIS-linked militants. 

She was previously based in Russia, where she led the channel's coverage of the conflict in Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea.

Born and brought up in the Scottish Highlands, she holds a first class honours degree in English from University College London.

Project Summary

Dancing on Bones is a book-length investigation of how China, Russia, and North Korea – the three greatest threats to the liberal international order – exploit their wartime past to secure contemporary regime legitimacy, and justify aggressive foreign policy. 

More than six decades after the real guns fell silent, a reimagined version of World War II and the Korean War reverberates through daily life in each of these countries, re-told through state-funded media, public memorials, and national education campaigns. This is not history as it actually was, but as the current leaders need it to be.

Drawing on firsthand reporting from the front lines of this war for history, including Pyongyang, Crimea, and the South China Sea, this is the first book to explore this fault-line of global politics, and how the wars of the last century are still shaping the 21st century.

Major Publications

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