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Liliya Karimova

Former Title VIII Research Scholar


    September 15, 2016 — June 15, 2017

    Professional affiliation

    Professorial Lecturer, Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication, the George Washington University

    Wilson Center Projects

    "By the Grace of God: Women, Islam, and Transformation in Tatarstan, Russia."

    Full Biography

    Liliya Karimova recently received her Ph.D. in Communication from UMASS-Amherst. She is currently an independent researcher and a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication at the George Washington University, Washington, DC. She has published in Nova Religio: the Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions; The Journal of Intercultural Communication Research; Central Asian Survey; Central Asian Affairs, Anthropology and Archaeology of Eurasia. Her research focuses on women, identity, piety, Islam, space, and discourse in Tatarstan, Russia.

    Major Publications

    Karimova, Liliya. "Muslim Revival in Tatarstan." Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 17, no. 1 (2013): 38-58.
    Karimova, Liliya. "“Piety Stories”: Muslim Tatar Women’s Identity Performance, Negotiation, and Transformation through Storytelling." Journal of Intercultural Communication Research 43, no. 4 (2014): 327-345.
    (Re)constructing Muslim Identities from the Soviet Past: Muslim Tatar Women’s Stories of Soviet Moral Selves. Central Asian Affairs. (accepted for publication, forthcoming 2016).