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Michael Huston

    Professional affiliation

    Principal Director for Americas Policy, Office of Policy, Department of Homeland Security

    Full Biography

    Mr. Huston is the Principal Director for the Americas within the Office of Policy where he has a hand in DHS policy matters affecting the entire Western Hemisphere; oversees and assists in the development of international policy, security, and border related matters; manages international engagements; develops, reviews, negotiates and executes Department-level arrangements; and works directly with domestic interagency partners on matters of DHS interest. Previously he was the Director, Mexican Affairs for the DHS Office of International Affairs (OIA) where he coordinated DHS’ engagement with the Government of Mexico. Before his time as a civil servant, Mr. Huston, among other things, taught English at a local high school and worked in the newspaper industry. Mr. Huston holds Bachelor’s degrees in English and Sociology and a Master’s degree in International Affairs.  Mr. Huston is married with four children.