Nina Rozhanovskaya has over 7 years of experience working on international academic projects and facilitating cooperation among Russian organizations and their overseas partners in a variety of areas.

In 2013-2014, Nina worked for the Government of Tomsk Region, Russia, where her responsibility was to engage with foreign partners and oversee implementation of joint projects in business and investment, research and technology commercialization, education and culture. From 2008 to 2014, Nina also worked as a research fellow at Tomsk State University, Russia, where she was in charge of the nuclear nonproliferation project and taught classes on nonproliferation, disarmament and security. She was part of the team that organized a series of highly successful international summer schools and secured the university’s position as a prominent center for nonproliferation education activities in Russia. She is the author of two chapters in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Textbook.

Nina holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from Central European University, Hungary, and undergraduate degree in International Relations from Tomsk State University. She is a native Russian speaker with excellent knowledge of English and working proficiency in French. She has conducted research and published on the topics of nuclear nonproliferation and the U.S.-Russian disarmament dialogue.

Among Nina Rozhanovskaya’s publications are:

  • "Nuclear Weapons and the Russian-U.S. Dialogue in the Present-Day Russian Official Discourse,"  Europolis: Journal of Political Analysis and Theory, 2010 (in English)
  • "A Russian View on the Obama-Medvedev Nuclear Deal", L`Alliance atlantique et l`Europe au defi de l`armement en du desarmement nucleaires, 2011 (in English)
  • "International Cooperation in the Area of Nonproliferation Education in Russia and Ukraine: The Case of Swedish Radiation Safety Authority" (co-authored), Institute of Nuclear Materials Management: Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2013 (in English)
  • Textbook Nuclear Nonproliferation Textbook, 2010 (in Russian). Project manager and author of two chapters: "Measures to Limit and Ban Nuclear Weapons Testing" and "U.S.-Russian Interaction in Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament."