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Peter Carey

Global Fellow, Polar Institute


April 1, 2019 — April 1, 2021

Professional affiliation

Director, SubAntarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research  

Wilson Center Projects

Biodiverity in Antarctica and the Subantarctic Islands: Improved Ways to Manage the Antarctic Tourism Industry

Full Biography

Peter Carey is a zoologist who has worked in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean since 1983. In addition to doing research with the national Antarctic programs of New Zealand and Australia, he has worked in polar tourism for several decades as a program developer, expedition leader, and educator. Peter is co-author of the Antarctica Cruising Guide (Awa Press). In addition to his work in tourism, he is also the Director of the SubAntarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research, a non-profit organisation that works to enhance native biodiversity by ecologically restoring islands in the subantarctic Falklands archipelago. This work includes invasive species control and revegetation efforts.

Major Publications

Carey, P.W. 2019. Simultaneous eradication of rats, mice, and rabbits from Bense and Little Bense Islands, Falkland Islands. In: C.R. Veitch, M.N. Clout, A. Martin, J. Russell and C. West (eds.) Island Invasives: Scaling up to meet the challenge, pp. 108-113. Gland: IUCN


Carey, P.W. & Franklin, C.E. 2018. Antarctica Cruising Guide, including South Georgia, Falkland Islands, & Ross Sea, Awa Press, 300 pp. Fourth Edition.


Carey, P.W. 2015. Remote ocean outposts, the fauna of subantarctic islands, pp.157-174 in: Liggett, Storey, Cook, and Meduna (eds), Exploring the Last Continent, Springer-Verlag Press.