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Presentations: Online Toolkit for Environmental Professionals in China 报告

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We oppose death by powerpoint! In our workshops, the tips and presentation tools we discuss aim to help you make a "splashy" presentation focusing on:

  • Important ingredients needed in creating a compelling story in your presentation

  • Identifying a strong and compelling character to anchor your story

  • Breaking away from the powerpoint model by using Prezi Axe, or Pecha Kucha 20 (Images) x 20 (Seconds)
    除了PPT,你还可以用其他演示文稿软件:在线版Prezi、中国出品的斧子演示PechaKucha (20秒20图,快速演讲)

Please see the citizen science talk from Elizabeth Tyson below and other presentation techniques. 
下面请参考Elizabeth Tyson用Prezi制作了有关公民科学的演讲稿

Elizabeth Tyson在北京的培训会上,用Prezi制作的演示文稿《未来环境研究工具:公民科学

Elizabeth Tyson 的另一份演示文稿《移动设备在社区自然资源监控中的作用:马德雷山脉案例分析

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