By Lilian Bobea, Rosa Luz Durán, Margarita López Maya, Rebecca Tortello


From the Introduction

This working paper represents the collective product of the 1996-97 cohort of Junior Scholars. The Junior Scholars Training Program provides a research and training opportunity in the United States to mid-level scholars or practitioners from Latin America involved in public policy issues. The objective of the program is to contribute to the design and practice of public policy in Latin America. Grantees spend one semester at a major university in the United State, under the guidance of a mentor known for his or her excellence in the chosen field of study. The grantees also are exposed to research facilities, international financial and policy institutions, and government bodies in Washington, D.C.

The scholars whose work is represented in this document, as well as their respective placements and mentors, are:

Lilian Bobea, FLACSO – Dominican Republic: popular political mobilization and structural adjustment in the Dominican Republic; Professor Aristide Zolberg, Department of Sociology, New School for Social Research;

Rosa Luz Durán, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Lima: gender and urban poverty in Peru; Professor Nancy Folbre, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst;

Margarita López Maya, Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo, Caracas: popular protest and social mobilization in contemporary Venezuela; Professors Douglas Chalmers and Charles Tilly, Department of Political Science, Columbia University;

Rebecca Tortello, ICWI Foundation, Jamaica; early childhood education in Jamaica and the establishment of a National Children’s Museum and Research Center; Professors Vito Perrone and Vicki Jacobs, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University.