Commentary: Sector-based Approaches to Measuring and Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: China’s Cement Industry
By Angel Hsu, Neelam Singh, and Ranping Song

Spotlight on NGO Activism: IFAW: Promoting Animal Welfare in China
By Grace Ge Gabriel

Spotlight on NGO Activism: NRDC: Leading the Way Towards Climate Solutions for China, Li Yang
Commentary Averting Another Toxics Disaster in China

By Arlene Blum

Commentary: Will China Emerge Greener from the Global Economic Downturn?
By Leo Horn-Phathanothai

Commentary: Facing Five-Year Delay in New Water for Beijing: A Catalyst for Officials to Limit Growth?
By Wang Jian & Jonathan Aloisi

Commentary: Persistent Pollution in China: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid
By Elizabeth Balkan (with assistance by Michelle Lau)

Commentary: Pulling the Plug on Water Wastage in Beijing’s Bathhouse Industry?
By Hu Kanping (Translated by Zhu Sha)

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Green Earth Volunteers
By Jon Aloisi

Commentary: Grassroots Groups Catalyze Sustainable Community Agricultural Efforts in Chengdu
By Jiong Yan, Hongyan Lu, Lei He, Jun Tian, & Yu Luo

Commentary: Corporate Environmentalism in China: An NGO - Corporate Partnership to Improve Energy Efficiency in Chinese SMEs
By Gwen Davidow

Spotlight on NGO Activism: The Keystone of Nanjing’s Environmental Movement
By Samantha L. Jones