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Final Report | Growing Together: Economic Ties between the United States and Mexico

The Mexico Institute is pleased to announce the report Growing Together: Economic Ties between the United States and Mexicowhich explores the bilateral economic relationship in detail to understand its nature and its impact on the United States. The report includes original research on the employment impact of bilateral trade on the U.S. economy, analysis using government and academic datasets, and an extensive overview of existing research relevant to the U.S.-Mexico economic relationship. 

Our study concludes that the economic relationship with Mexico, though not without its challenges, provides concrete benefits, strengthening the competitiveness of American firms, creating jobs in the United States, and generating savings for the average American family. The report finds that nearly 5 million U.S. jobs depend on trade with Mexico and that the competitiveness of U.S. industries is significantly enhanced by trade and investment ties with Mexico.


About the Author

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

Global Fellow, Mexico Institute
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Mexico Institute

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