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Discover what truly drives gender parity in public service leadership around the world in a groundbreaking new report from the Women in Public Service Project.

The Women in Public Service Project is pleased to release the first report from the Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index (the Leadership Index) measuring not only where women are in government, but also how they got there and the power they hold in these positions across five sectors of government in 75 countries.

Roadmap to 50x50: Power and Parity in Women's Leadership highlights the key findings and drivers within the 3-pillar framework of the Leadership Index, or 3 P's to Parity: Pathways, Positions and Power.

The “50x50 Report” examines where we are today and where we need to go to achieve the goal of "50x50": women holding 50% of policy and political leadership positions worldwide by 2050.

The "50x50 Report" measures more than just numbers - it also examines where women are present or absent in decision-making. The report illustrates a roadmap to balanced parity, look at both glass ceilings (the number of women in leadership) and glass walls (women's leadership across policy functions).

By taking into account where countries sit in terms of progress toward gender parity, the "50x50 Report" identifies the levers that can increase momentum toward the 50x50 goal. The report will serve as a launchpad and a critical tool to shape policy conversations that drive institutional and systemic changes that will enable more women to lead across the globe.


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