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Points of Clarity | Are Ukrainians Ready to Give Up?

February 29, 202400:41

In spite of two years of destruction and suffering, Ukrainians say they are “tired—but not exhausted,” remaining resourceful and quickly working to rebuild and move on towards a brighter future.

Video Transcript

  • This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

    Building behind me was hit just a couple of days ago. There are two things I take away from it. First off, the fact that Vladimir Putin is targeting civilian infrastructure. He's trying to hit the citizens where they live to inflict as much suffering as he can. On the bright side, look how quickly the Ukrainians are moving to repair, rebuild, reconstruct, and move on.

    The resourcefulness of the Ukrainian people against the brutality and the evil of the Russian attacks. Again, as always, my money's on the Ukrainian.


Bombed apartment in Ukraine

Standing Strong: Witnessing Resilience in Ukraine

In this episode of the Need to Know podcast from the Wilson Center, Ambassador Mark Green, President and CEO of the Wilson Center, shares his recent firsthand observations from Ukraine, marking the two-year anniversary of Russia's invasion. 



Ambassador Mark Green

Ambassador Mark A. Green

President & CEO, Wilson Center
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