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Strengthening Competitiveness by Investing in Maritime Transportation

June 29, 202325:09

The efficiency and resilience of the maritime transportation system, including intermodal links, is vital to the competitiveness of the US and the Americas, North, and South, in global markets. The post-pandemic surge in e-commerce adds new pressure to the freight system, as does the advance of technology, the push to be greener, the need to maintain cybersecurity, and the imperative to preserve free and open global commerce. The Wilson Center’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition (WISC) recently held a roundtable discussion on maritime commerce with a wide cross-section of experts and government officials in Miami. Cary Davis of the American Association of Port Authorities and Emily Feenstra of the American Society of Civil Engineers join WISC Director Mark Kennedy to explore some of the findings of the roundtable and how investing in maritime transportation strengthens competitiveness.


Headshot of Cary Davis

Cary Davis

Vice President of Government Relations and General Counsel, American Association Port Authorities
Headshot of Emily Feenstra

Emily Feenstra

Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer, American Society of Civil Engineers

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Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

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