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Africa Program Honors Former Sudans Working Group Co-Chair Ambassador Alan Goulty

The Wilson Center Africa Program offers our deep gratitude to Ambassador Alan Goulty whose tenure as the co-chair for its Sudans Working Group (SWG) initiative concluded on August 26, 2022.

Formerly the British Ambassador to Sudan and Tunisia, Ambassador Goulty contributed immensely to the Africa Program through his leadership and guidance of the SWG, which enhanced its status as a key forum in Washington, D.C. for substantive policy-related discussions about the Sudan and South Sudan.

Since its establishment in 2009 by Congressman Howard Wolpe (former Africa Program director), Ambassador Goulty and the SWG have worked to engage U.S., African, and international policymakers and stakeholders in advancing the prospects for peace, security, and development between and within the two countries. Under his leadership with co-chair Ambassador Nureldin Satti, the SWG has served as a space for key stakeholders to share analyses and perspectives, and provide policy options for addressing critical issues related to the two countries.  The SWG has played a critical role in convening key voices in a forward-leaning, policy-focused dialogue about Sudan and South Sudan, including at critical junctures for both countries such as the 2011 secession of South Sudan and Sudan’s ongoing political transition

We are thankful for Ambassador Goulty’s extensive experience and expertise to the Africa Program. He retired in 2008 after 40 years of service in the British Diplomatic Service, including postings as Ambassador to Tunisia (2004-2008) and Sudan (1995-1999), and as the UK Special Representative for Sudan (2002-2004) and Darfur (2005-2006), when he led the UK team in the Naivasha and Abuja peace talks. He also served as Director (Assistant Secretary-equivalent) for the Middle East and North Africa in the FCO from 2000-2002 and has also served in Cairo, Washington, Khartoum, and Beirut.

Additionally, Ambassador Goulty has served as a Wilson Center Global Fellow since 2013, and we look forward to his future endeavors and contributions to the Africa Program.

On behalf of the Wilson Center and the Africa Program, we thank Ambassador Goulty for his contributions to the success of the SWG and the Africa Program. To learn more about the Sudans Working Group, including discussion summaries, click here.


Ambassador Alan Goulty

Ambassador Alan Goulty

Global Fellow and Former Co-Chair, Wilson Center’s Sudan Working Group;
Former British Ambassador to Sudan and Tunisia
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