The Academy of Finland Distinguished Professor Program based at the University of Tampere is planning to host, within the next five years, a series of conferences on the main theme of its project – transatlantic relations during the 20th Century. We are currently planning the first of these conferences, which will focus on the Cold War and on the evolution of the Euro-Atlantic relationship during the era of bipolar confrontation.

The members of the project wish to inaugurate this cycle with a high profile, thought-provoking and stimulating conference which will offer scholars the possibility to discuss, debate and share views on transatlantic relations in a period when a reflection on the origins and development of the Euro-Atlantic community appears to be all the more important. Moreover, the possibility of hosting the conference in Tampere offers an added value, considering Finland's particular role and position as a "bridge" between East and West during the Cold War years.

Topics to be addressed during the conference include, but are not limited to, the following issues/questions:

1. A broad overview of the transatlantic relationship – from the beginning of the Cold War to 1989
- the moments of conflict/tension between the two sides of the Atlantic – their significance, legacy, etc.
- the moments of conversion/parallel interests – their significance, legacy, etc.
- these moments seen from "the other side" – how did the USSR assess the evolution of the transatlantic relation?

2. The "essence" of the transatlantic relationship
- security issues
- economic relations
- the balance between the two aspects – was the transatlantic relation based on both? Was one aspect more important than the other? Did this vary depending on the moment/contingencies? If yes, when and why did one aspect become more important than the other?

3. The transatlantic relation and the "small" or "medium" powers
- of Western Europe – views and role, for example, of Italy, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, etc.
- the view from the East – did the transatlantic relation "attract" or not members of the Warsaw Pact?
- the view and role of "neutrals" – Switzerland, Finland (the importance of their particular position in the context of the transatlantic relation)

4. The "bridges" between East and West
- détente, CSCE, East-West trade, etc.
- other moments when the two blocs cooperated despite the division and their repercussions on the cohesion and unity of the Euro-Atlantic partnership

Through the conference the organizers seek to strengthen existing scholarly connections and build new ones. The development of the international interaction between scholars constitutes one of the primary objectives of our project. We therefore invite proposals from both experienced and young scholars eager to contribute to the creation of what we hope will constitute an important and stimulating forum for the discussion of transatlantic relations during the twentieth century.


The conference will take place in Tampere, Finland on May 12-14, 2008. It is organized by the project entitled "Conflict and Community: Transatlantic Relations in the ´Long` Twentieth Century" financed by the Academy and led by Finland Distinguished Professor Jussi Hanhimaki.

The proposals should include a schematic description of the paper and a brief CV of the author.

The deadline for the submission of the proposal is December 15th, 2007.
The selected participants will the notified by January 31st, 2008.
The final version of the paper should be submitted by April 23rd, 2008.

Please submit the proposals via e-mail by writing to Dr. Barbara Zanchetta conflict . community @ uta . fi