Proposals for papers/panels are invited for an international workshop on China and the World in Mao's Last Decade, 1966-1976.

This meeting will be held at the University of Hong Kong over January
9-10, 2009, and will focus on "China and the World in Mao's Last Decade, 1966-1976." The organizers/sponsors include the Centre of American Studies, University of Hong Kong; New York University; Cornell University; and the Cold War International History Project, Washington, DC.

The overall aim of this meeting is to bring specialists in international history together with students of Chinese domestic policy, in the hope that their juxtaposition will result in fruitful cross-fertilization.

Objectives include:

1)a real, sustained, rigorous dialogue between area studies specialists on the internal dynamics of PRC politics and the CR in particular and those more attentive to Chinese foreign policy to delve into the interaction of domestic and external influences;

2)clarifying whether, or to what extent, correlations existed between PRC foreign policy during this period and maneuvering over the Cultural Revolution and the incipient post-Mao succession struggle;

3)making an early stab at understanding the interrelationship of the Sino-Soviet split, Sino-American opening, the Indochinese and other regional conflicts (e.g., in South Asia), and Chinese domestic politics;

4)similarly, seeking a better understanding of the evolution both of the communist world(s) and its/their relationship to the third world/NAM during this period;

5)additional and more focused gathering, translation, and exchange of East-Central European/Soviet party/foreign ministry materials on Chinese foreign and domestic policies from the onset of the acute phase of the Cultural Revolution (June 1966) through Mao's death (Sept 76) and its aftermath;

6)integrating newly available US materials on Sino-US relations, 1971-76, including transcripts of meetings with Zhou, Mao, Deng, etc., with Chinese materials, intelligence estimates released through the CIA website, materials from a special conference on China recently hosted by the Wilson Center, and perhaps fresh Chinese materials opened through the official joint US-PRC project on the Sino-American opening and normalization process;

7)exploiting other Western (including Western communist, e.g. PCI) materials now available for this period, all of which is now beyond 30-year restrictions (as in Britain).

The organizers invite proposals for papers or complete panels from both established scholars and graduate students and young scholars at the beginning of their careers.

Proposals for papers/panels, including an abstract of each paper and a short c.v. of each presenter, should be sent in duplicate to Priscilla Roberts, University of Hong Kong, , and James Hershberg of George Washington University, The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2008.

The organizers expect to be able to cover local accommodation and other expenses in Hong Kong. Depending on our success in raising additional funding, we hope to be able to offer assistance with travel expenses for some participants, particularly those who are not able to access alternative sources of funding for travel costs.