Eighteen years ago, in 1995, Beijing hosted the world’s largest women’s conference. Out of that historic summit grew the global commitments known as the Beijing Platform of Action which called for a critical mass of women in all public service jobs.  

On July 23, Beijing once again hosted a landmark initiative, the first of three Women in Public Service (WPSP) Institutes at the historic China Women’s University (CWU), China’s premier women’s college.  

Galvanized by the WPSP’s Institute that brought together 45 students from 20 provinces in China, these emerging women leaders pledged to respond to the rallying cry of 50 x50--- fifty percent women in public service by 2050 and to realize the promise of the Beijing Conference and the full potential of the words of WPSP founder Secretary Hillary Clinton, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights, now and for always”  that rallied the women of the world in Beijing in 1995. 

At the event in July, the Honorable Jane Harman and WPSP Director, Rangita de Silva received Honorary Professorships from the CWU in recognition of their contribution to global women’s issues.

On August 27, fifteen students from the WPSP Institute at China Women’s University visited the Wilson Center where they discussed their action plans and reflected on the transformative impact of the WPSP on China Women’s University.