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“Professor Velasco provides an impressively comprehensive, clear, and careful account of neoconservatives’ rise to power in the late twentieth-century United States. Velasco is particularly good at revealing who constitute the core and peripheral members of the first and second generation of neoconservatives, at uncovering the personal networks and financial ties that connect and support individual neoconservatives, and at tracing the effects of the two generations of neoconservatives on American foreign policy.”—Bartholomew Sparrow, University of Texas at Austin

“This is an excellent and interesting book. Through extensive use of archival material, Velasco brings to light a number of facts that are not widely known, particularly with regard to the funding apparatus that financed the neocons’ political and policy endeavors.”—Benjamin Ginsberg, Johns Hopkins University

Chapter List

Preface and Acknowledgments

1. Introduction: An Analytical Framework

2. Who Is a Neoconservative?

3. Neoconservative Organizations as a Vehicle for an Ideological Crusade

4. Ideas, Institutions, and Interests: The Influence of Neoconservatism on Reagan’s Human Rights Policy

5. Ideas, Institutions, and Interests: The Influence of Neoconservatism on the U.S. Military Buildup

6. The Second Neoconservative Movement

7. Second-Generation Neoconservatives and Foreign Policy

8. Neoconservatives at War

9. Neoconservatism and American Foreign Policy after September 11

10. The Iraqi Debacle and the Partial Decline of Neoconservatism


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