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Canada and the United States in the New Quantum Tech Era

Date & Time

Mar. 9, 2022
1:30pm – 2:30pm ET


Join us on Wednesday, March 9 from 1:30pm-2:30pm ET for a discussion on the emerging revolution in quantum technologies and how the governments of Canada and the United States are approaching the opportunities and challenges it presents. 

Emerging quantum technologies will have significant economic and national security ramifications, setting off a global race for leadership in this field. Quantum computers hold the promise of infinitely greater processing power and the ability to crack today’s digital security protocols. They will transform industries from finance to pharmaceuticals to logistics. Quantum sensors and quantum imaging will change fields from mining to warfare.  Moreover, a quantum internet, with ultra-high speeds and security is under development. This session will explore what the U.S. and Canada are doing in the quantum field and how they are thinking about closer collaboration in the years ahead.

This event will be hosted in partnership with the Embassy of Canada.

Hosted By

Canada Institute

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